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Hotel name Hotel location Stars Rates / breakfast Promotions
Singha Montra Hotel Airport (nearby)   8655 ฿ incl. recommend
Pool Suite Chiang Mai Airport (nearby)   3445 ฿ incl. recommend
VC @ Suanpaak Hotel Airport (nearby)   2021 ฿ incl.
Baan U Sabai Boutique House Airport (nearby)   1364 ฿ incl. recommend
San Pareni Hotel Airport (nearby)   1472 ฿ incl. recommend
The Airport Greenery Airport (nearby)   1119 ฿ incl.
The Simple House Airport (nearby)   859 ฿ incl. recommend
Locals Prio ChiangMai Central Airport Plaza Airport (nearby)   809 ฿ incl. recommend
Bamboori Boutique Resort Chiang Mai Airport (nearby)   722 ฿ incl. recommend
Plumeria Home Airport (nearby)   650 ฿ incl.
Noble Place Airport (nearby)   592 ฿ incl.
Airport Resident 2 Airport (nearby)   570 ฿
Chiang Mai Hipster Hotel Mini Airport (nearby)   505 ฿ incl.
Sireeampan Boutique Resort & Spa Chang Phueak   17686 ฿ incl. recommend
Kireethara Boutique Resort Chang Phueak   2887 ฿ incl. recommend
We Valley Boutique Hotel Chang Phueak   1381 ฿ incl.
Marisa Resort & Spa Chiang Dao Chiang Dao   1104 ฿ incl.
Aurora Resort Chiang Dao Chiang Dao   641 ฿ incl. recommend
Chankam Boutique Hotel City Center, Arak Road   2599 ฿ incl.
Le Pure Hotel Chiangmai City Center, Arak Road   1949 ฿ incl. recommend
99 The Gallery Hotel City Center, Intawarorot Rd.   2743 ฿ incl.
De Lanna Hotel City Center, Intawarorot Rd.   2166 ฿ incl. recommend
Buaraya Hotel City Center, Maneenopparat Rd.   746 ฿ recommend
De Naga Hotel Chiang Mai by The Unique Collection City Center, Moonmuang Road   7363 ฿ incl. recommend
Eurana Boutique Hotel City Center, Moonmuang Road   2223 ฿ incl. recommend
Tapae Gate Villa City Center, Moonmuang Road   2086 ฿ incl. recommend
R.C.N. Court & Inn City Center, Moonmuang Road   867 ฿ recommend
Viang Luang Resort City Center, Prapokklao Rd.   2245 ฿ incl. recommend
A Lanna Boutique House City Center, Prapokklao Rd.   650 ฿ incl. recommend
Rachamankha Retreat City Center, Rachamankha Road   9692 ฿ incl. recommend
Walking Street Residence City Center, Rachamankha Road   811 ฿ recommend
BP Chiang Mai City Hotel City Center, Rachamankha Road   595 ฿ incl. recommend
Sirilanna City Center, Rachapakinai Road   4042 ฿ incl.
Kodchasri Thani Chiang Mai City Center, Rachapakinai Road   3537 ฿ incl. recommend
U Chiang Mai City Center, Ratchadamnern Rd.   2638 ฿ incl.
Pastell Oldtown Chiang Mai City Center, Samlarn Road   1444 ฿ incl.
Cozy Inn Chiang Mai City Center, Samlarn Road   780 ฿ incl. recommend
De Charme Hotel City Center, Singrat Road   1392 ฿ incl. recommend
The Rim Resort Chiang Mai City Center, Suandok Gate   3031 ฿ incl. recommend
Hotel M Chiang Mai City Center, Thapae Gate   1732 ฿ incl. recommend
Top North Hotel City Center, Thapae Gate   722 ฿ incl. recommend
Royal Peninsula Hotel Chiangmai City, Assadathorn Road   828 ฿ incl. recommend
Royal Panerai Hotel Chiangmai City, Assadathorn Road   630 ฿ incl. recommend
Leiview Hotel Chiang Mai City, Bunrueang Rit Rd.   679 ฿ incl. recommend
V Residence Chiangmai City, Canal Road   871 ฿ incl.
Chiangmai Phucome Hotel City, Canal Road   766 ฿ incl.
Amora Tapae Hotel City, Chaiyapoom Road   2599 ฿ incl. recommend
Miami Hotel City, Chaiyapoom Road   642 ฿
dusitD2 chiang mai City, Chang Klan Road   3427 ฿ incl. recommend
Movenpick Suriwongse Hotel Chiang Mai City, Chang Klan Road   1364 ฿ incl. recommend
Wiang Chang Klan Boutique Hotel City, Chang Klan Road   1299 ฿ incl. recommend
Lanna Palace 2004 Hotel City, Chang Klan Road   823 ฿ recommend
Maninarakorn Hotel City, Chang Klan Road   722 ฿ incl. recommend
Vanilla Residence Chiang Mai City, Chang Phueak   1371 ฿ recommend
Mercure Chiang Mai City, Chang Phueak   1257 ฿ incl.
Napatra Hotel City, Chang Phueak   653 ฿ recommend
Lanna Boutique Resort City, Chang Phueak   838 ฿ incl. recommend
Link Mansion City, Chang Phueak   541 ฿ incl.
Tarntong Boutique Hotel City, Chang Phueak   469 ฿ incl.
Pattara Place City, Chang Phueak   469 ฿ incl.
Puripunn the Baby Grand Boutique City, Charoenmuang   3217 ฿ incl. recommend
Rainforest Chiang Mai Hotel City, Charoenmuang   722 ฿ incl.
C H Hotel City, Charoenprathet Road   1299 ฿ incl.
Casa Marocc Hotel City, Charoenprathet Road   636 ฿ incl. recommend
V Heritage Chiangmai by Suthewalai City, Chiangmai Lamphun Rd.   2490 ฿ incl.
La Mai Hotel City, Chiangmai Lamphun Rd.   902 ฿ incl. recommend
Amata Lanna Village City, Chiangmai-Lamphun Rd.   3983 ฿ incl. recommend
La Villetta Chiang Mai City, Chiangmai-Lamphun Rd.   766 ฿ incl.
The Luna Compass City, Chotana Road   506 ฿ incl.
Eastin Tan Chiang Mai City, Huay Kaew Road   2227 ฿ recommend
Chiangmai Hill 2000 Hotel City, Huay Kaew Road   1754 ฿ incl. recommend
Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel City, Huay Kaew Road   1270 ฿ incl. recommend
The Core Chiang Mai Hotel City, Huay Kaew Road   1104 ฿ incl.
Get Zleep Premium Budget Hotel City, Huay Kaew Road   1018 ฿ recommend
Chiang Mai Orchid Hotel City, Huay Kaew Road   1010 ฿ incl.
Baan Din Ki City, Huay Kaew Road   939 ฿ recommend
Leaf Hostel City, Huay Kaew Road   303 ฿ incl.
Shane Hotel City, Huay Kaew Road Soi 03   1003 ฿ incl. recommend
Royal Guest House City, Kotchasarn Road   381 ฿ recommend
Duangtawan Hotel, Chiang Mai City, Loi Kroh Road   2238 ฿ recommend
Nap In Chiangmai City, Loi Kroh Road   1494 ฿ incl.
Raming Lodge Hotel & Spa City, Loi Kroh Road   1444 ฿ incl. recommend
Chiangmai Night Bazaar Boutique Hotel City, Loi Kroh Road   1082 ฿ incl. recommend
Royal Lanna Hotel City, Loi Kroh Road   833 ฿ incl. recommend
Basic Line Hotel @ LoiKroh City, Loi Kroh Road   325 ฿ recommend
Cmor Hotel Chiang Mai by Andacura City, Nimmanhaemin area   1082 ฿ recommend
U Nimman Chiang Mai City, Nimmanhaemin Road   3020 ฿ incl. recommend
Art Mai Gallery Nimman Hotel City, Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 03   3970 ฿ recommend
Yantarasri Resort City, Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 06   2038 ฿ incl. recommend
Kantary Hills City, Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 12   2310 ฿ incl.
S17 @ NIMMAN City, Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 17   975 ฿ recommend
Le Plateau Guesthouse City, Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 17   1059 ฿ incl. recommend
Sanae Hotel Chiang Mai City, Nimmanhaemin-Sukasem Rd.   1870 ฿ incl.
Viang Dara City, Rat Chiang Saen 2 Road   0 ฿ incl.
Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa City, Rat-U-Tit Road   3227 ฿ incl. recommend
Inspire House Hotel City, Ratanakosin Road   398 ฿ incl.
Darley Hotel Chiang Mai City, Ratchawong Road   1018 ฿ incl.
Ratilanna Riverside Spa Resort City, Riverside   10106 ฿ incl.
Anantara Chiangmai Resort City, Riverside   9254 ฿ incl. recommend
Aruntara Riverside Boutique Hotel City, Riverside   3031 ฿ incl. recommend
Sala Lanna Chiang Mai City, Riverside   2782 ฿ incl. recommend
At Pingnakorn Riverside Hotel City, Riverside   1805 ฿ incl. recommend
Riverside Floral Inn City, Riverside   1754 ฿ incl.
Yaang Come Village City, Sridonchai Road   2779 ฿ incl. recommend
Imperial Mae Ping Hotel City, Sridonchai Road   1920 ฿ incl.
Lilu Hotel Chiang Mai City, Sridonchai Road   679 ฿ recommend
Winner Inn Hotel City, Sridonchai Road   541 ฿ incl.
The Chaya Resort & Spa, Chiang Mai City, Suandok Road   1427 ฿ incl.
Wintree City Resort Chiangmai City, Super Highway   5197 ฿ incl. recommend
Khum Phaya Resort&Spa,Centara Boutique Collection City, Super Highway   2974 ฿ incl. recommend
Portofino Resort & Spa Chiangmai City, Super Highway   1298 ฿ incl.
Eurasia ChiangMai Hotel City, Super Highway   1068 ฿ incl. recommend
7 Days Hotel City, Super Highway   426 ฿
iCheck inn Trams Square Chiang Mai City, Super Highway   0 ฿ incl.
Smile House Boutique City, Suriyawong Road   867 ฿
Floral Hotel Ayatana Chiang Mai City, Suthep Road   2455 ฿ incl. recommend
The Small Hotel City, Tha Pae Road   636 ฿ incl. recommend
De Chai The Colonial Hotel City, Thapae Road Soi 4   5414 ฿ incl. recommend
De chai the deco hotel City, Thapae Road Soi 5   2562 ฿ incl.
Na Thapae Hotel City, Thapae Road Soi 6   1299 ฿ incl. recommend
Rimping Village City, Wat Kate   2238 ฿ incl. recommend
Jasmine Hills Villas & Spa Doi Saket   1585 ฿ incl.
Vivo Bene Village Doi Saket   1227 ฿
Is Am O Chiangmai Resort Doi Saket   939 ฿
The Balcony Chiang Mai Village Fah Ham   2527 ฿ incl.
Flora Creek Chiang Mai Hang Dong   5381 ฿ incl. recommend
Content Villa Chiang Mai Hang Dong   4239 ฿ incl.
Belle Villa Resort Chiang Mai Hang Dong   931 ฿ incl. recommend
Chiangmai Royal Creek Hang Dong   1392 ฿ incl.
Hernlhin Natural Resort Hang Dong   1299 ฿ recommend
Lanna Resort Hang Dong   1299 ฿ incl.
Phu Jaya Mini Resort by Sichuan Folk Group Hang Dong   807 ฿ incl. recommend
Chantra Khiri Chalet Chiang Mai Hang Dong, Baanpong   5630 ฿ incl. recommend
INSDA RESORT Chiang Mai Hang Dong, Baanpong   1588 ฿ incl. recommend
Narittaya Resort and Spa Hang Dong, Namphrae   1133 ฿ incl. recommend
Touch Star Resort Inthanon Jomthong (Inthanon)   1444 ฿ incl. recommend
Chiangmai Inthanon Golf & Natural Resort Jomthong (Inthanon)   1359 ฿ incl.
Oasis Baan Saen Doi Spa Resort Mae Hia, Royal Park Rajapruek   4125 ฿ incl. recommend
Ratchapruek Lanna Boutique Mae Hia, Royal Park Rajapruek   1530 ฿ incl. recommend
Panviman Chiangmai Spa Resort Mae Rim   12993 ฿ incl. recommend
Proud Phu Fah Mae Rim   3425 ฿ incl. recommend
Jirung Health Village Mae Rim   5053 ฿ incl. recommend
The Grand Morocc Hotel Mae Rim   2974 ฿ incl. recommend
The Natural Healing Spa Retreat Mae Rim   2761 ฿ incl.
Suansawan Resort Chiang Mai Mae Rim   2382 ฿ incl. recommend
Hmong Hilltribe Lodge Mae Rim   1400 ฿ incl.
Imperial Chiang Mai & Sports Club Mae Rim   1155 ฿ incl.
Mae-Rim Lagoon Hotel Mae Rim   1155 ฿ incl.
Sibsan Resort & Spa, Maeteang Mae Taeng   3850 ฿ incl. recommend
Baan Rai Lanna Resort Mae Taeng   1805 ฿ incl.
Namrae Maewang Pairin Resort Mae Wang   1039 ฿ incl. recommend
Harmony Resort Hotel Padad   3609 ฿ incl. recommend
Amethyst Hotel Resort And Spa Padad   1082 ฿ recommend
The Chiang Mai Riverside Padad, along Riverside   4319 ฿ recommend
Maraya Hotel & Resort Padad, along Riverside   3898 ฿ recommend
Sri-Ping Resort Padad, along Riverside   1104 ฿ incl.
Baan Singkham Patan   722 ฿ incl. recommend
7days Hotel Patan Patan   397 ฿
Zensala Riverpark Resort Patan, Riverside   2617 ฿ incl. recommend
Kaomai Lanna Resort Chiangmai San Pa Tong   1877 ฿ incl. recommend
Ban Sabai Village Resort & Spa San Phi Suea   1783 ฿ incl. recommend
Life Grand Chiangmai San Phi Suea   679 ฿ incl.
Baan Suan Residence San Phi Suea, Riverside   1528 ฿ incl.
Fern Paradise Sansai / Maejo   1953 ฿ incl.
Lifeup Resort & Spa Sansai / Maejo   679 ฿ incl. recommend
The Lofthouse Sansai Sansai / Maejo   613 ฿ incl.
De Wiang Kum Kam Sarapee, Wiang Kum Kam   1220 ฿ incl.
Kham Mon Lanna Resort Tasala   3248 ฿ incl. recommend
Rawisara Villa Resort Tasala   2527 ฿ incl. recommend
Radateeree Resort Tasala   1912 ฿ incl.
Donchan Grand Hotel Tasala   467 ฿ incl.
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