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Hotel name Hotel location Stars Rates / breakfast Promotions
Dusit Phuphaya Resort Ao Luek   931 ฿ incl.
Krabi Inn Resort Ao Nam Mao   570 ฿ incl.
Villa Cha-Cha Krabi Beachfront Resort Ao Nam Mao Beach   2959 ฿ incl. recommend
Arawan Krabi Beach Resort Ao Nam Mao Beach   1010 ฿ incl. recommend
Krabi Tropical Beach Resort Ao Nam Mao Beach   1303 ฿ incl. recommend
Seashell Resort Krabi Ao Nam Mao Beach   859 ฿ recommend
White Elephant Krabi Ao Nam Mao Beach   570 ฿ recommend
The Unique Krabi Private Pool Villa Ao Nang   4394 ฿ recommend
Baan Habeebee Resort Ao Nang   4259 ฿ incl. recommend
Aonang Orchid Resort Ao Nang   3625 ฿ incl. recommend
Seava House Ao-Nang Krabi Ao Nang   2887 ฿ recommend
Peace Laguna Resort Ao Nang   2686 ฿ incl.
Phu Pha Aonang Resort & Spa Ao Nang   1444 ฿ incl. recommend
Aonang Phupimaan Resort and Spa Ao Nang   2093 ฿ incl. recommend
Centara Anda Dhevi Resort & Spa Ao Nang   1427 ฿ incl. recommend
Aonang Cliff Mountain New Resort Ao Nang   1805 ฿ recommend
Aonang Fiore Resort Ao Nang   2071 ฿ recommend
Ban Sai Nai Resort Ao Nang   1624 ฿ incl. recommend
The Lai Thai Ao Nang   1516 ฿ recommend
Panan Krabi Resort Ao Nang   1726 ฿ incl. recommend
Deevana Plaza Krabi - Aonang Ao Nang   2209 ฿ incl. recommend
Deevana Krabi Resort Ao Nang   2375 ฿ incl. recommend
Hula Hula Resort, Aonang Ao Nang   1155 ฿ incl. recommend
Baan Havaree Ao Nang   1342 ฿ recommend
Aonang Phu Petra Resort Ao Nang   1299 ฿ incl. recommend
Aonang Cliff Beach Resort Ao Nang   1783 ฿ incl. recommend
The Phu Beach Hotel Ao Nang   1197 ฿ incl. recommend
Aonang Village Resort Ao Nang   686 ฿ incl.
Oscar Villa Aonang Ao Nang   1155 ฿ recommend
Krabi Apartment Hotel Ao Nang   1148 ฿ recommend
Krabi Cha Da Resort Ao Nang   1137 ฿ incl. recommend
BlueSotel Krabi AoNang Beach Ao Nang   1137 ฿ incl. recommend
AVA Sea Resort Ao Nang   1082 ฿ incl. recommend
Krabi Tipa Resort Ao Nang   1087 ฿ incl. recommend
Warina Place Hotel and Studio Apartment Ao Nang   1082 ฿
Sea Star House Ao Nang   541 ฿ incl.
Phu Dahla Residences Ao Nang   960 ฿ incl. recommend
The Moderna Resort Ao Nang   936 ฿
The Verandah Ao Nang   924 ฿ incl. recommend
Red Ginger Chic Resort Ao Nang   924 ฿ incl. recommend
The Small Hotel Krabi Ao Nang   1400 ฿ incl. recommend
Aonang Sunset Hotel Ao Nang   895 ฿ incl. recommend
Harvest House Ao Nang   867 ฿ incl. recommend
Raks Thai Resort Ao Nang   867 ฿ incl. recommend
The Aireen Hotel Ao Nang   867 ฿ incl.
Apple A Day Resort Ao Nang   830 ฿ recommend
Tetris Hotel Ao Nang   812 ฿ incl. recommend
Aonang Paradise Resort Ao Nang   686 ฿ incl. recommend
Aonang Silver Orchid Resort Ao Nang   895 ฿ incl. recommend
8Icon Ao Nang Krabi Ao Nang   766 ฿ incl. recommend
Aonang Third Place Ao Nang   722 ฿ incl. recommend
Nadivana Serviced Apartments Ao Nang   722 ฿ incl.
Green View Village Resort Ao Nang   722 ฿ incl. recommend
Silver Sand Suites Ao Nang   721 ฿ incl.
Marina Express-FISHERMAN-Aonang Ao Nang   716 ฿ incl. recommend
Bida Daree Resort Ao Nang   693 ฿ incl.
Aonang Top View Hotel Ao Nang   650 ฿
P.K. Mansion Ao Nang   650 ฿
iCheck inn Ao Nang Krabi Ao Nang   650 ฿ incl. recommend
The Lucky Beach Aonang Ao Nang   650 ฿ incl.
MeMee Place & Tour Ao Nang   1432 ฿ recommend
Palm Paradise Resort Ao Nang   650 ฿ incl. recommend
Aonang Mountain View Hotel Ao Nang   931 ฿ incl. recommend
Mandawee Resort & Spa Ao Nang   477 ฿ incl. recommend
The Dream Garden Ao Nang   578 ฿ recommend
Aonang Baan Suan Resort Ao Nang   578 ฿
Baan Kure Ngern Aonang Ao Nang   520 ฿ incl.
Aonang Goodwill Ao Nang   433 ฿ incl. recommend
The Orange City Resort Ao Nang   506 ฿ recommend
Ploenlay Ao Nang   506 ฿
Diamond Place Hotel Ao Nang   650 ฿ incl. recommend
Pornthep Mansion Ao Nang   469 ฿ incl. recommend
Krabi Nemo House Ao Nang   433 ฿
Aonang Andaman Resort Ao Nang   289 ฿ recommend
Kiss Hometel Krabi Ao Nang   433 ฿
Amorn Mansion Ao Nang   433 ฿ recommend
Aonang Regent Hotel Ao Nang   379 ฿ recommend
The Krabi Forest Homestay Ao Nang   379 ฿ recommend
iRest Ao Nang Seafront Ao Nang   314 ฿ incl. recommend
iRest Ao Nang Krabi Hostel Ao Nang   185 ฿ recommend
The Best Aonang Villas Ao Nang Beach   7218 ฿ incl. recommend
PB Pool Villa Ao Nang Beach   2974 ฿ incl.
Aonang Oscar Pool Villa Ao Nang Beach   2021 ฿ incl.
Aonang Princeville Villa Resort and Spa Ao Nang Beach   1981 ฿ incl. recommend
Aonang Villa Resort Ao Nang Beach   1819 ฿ incl. recommend
Golden Beach Resort Ao Nang Beach   3609 ฿ incl. recommend
Ao Nang Naga Pura Resort Ao Nang Beach   1805 ฿ incl. recommend
Krabi Resort Ao Nang Beach   1602 ฿ incl. recommend
Aonang Beach Resort Ao Nang Beach   1444 ฿ incl. recommend
Centra by Centara Phu Pano Resort Krabi Ao Nang Beach   1300 ฿ incl. recommend
Phra Nang Inn by Vacation Village Ao Nang Beach   1018 ฿ incl. recommend
LaRio Hotel Krabi Ao Nang Beach   924 ฿ incl.
Haleeva Sunshine Ao Nang Beach   433 ฿ incl. recommend
Wakeup Aonang Hotel Ao Nang Beach   0 ฿ incl.
Poonsiri Resort River Hill Krabi Ao Nang, Nopparattara   1487 ฿ incl. recommend
Sunda Resort Ao Nang, Nopparattara   975 ฿ incl. recommend
Happiness Resort Ao Nang, Nopparattara   650 ฿ incl. recommend
Royal Nakara Ao Nang Ao Nang, Nopparattara   650 ฿ incl. recommend
Loma Place Ao Nang, Nopparattara   541 ฿
The Nine Thipthara Resort @Klongson Krabi Ao Nang, Nopparattara Bay   3251 ฿ incl. recommend
Krabi Thai Village Resort Ao Nang, Nopparattara Bay   1444 ฿ incl.
Mild Bungalow Ao Nang, Nopparattara Bay   1299 ฿ incl. recommend
Pakasai Resort Ao Nang, Nopparattara Bay   981 ฿ incl. recommend
Duang Jai Resort Ao Nang, Nopparattara Bay   1263 ฿ incl. recommend
Krabi La Playa Resort Ao Nang, Nopparattara Bay   1400 ฿ incl. recommend
Krabi Aquamarine Resort & Spa Ao Nang, Nopparattara Bay   695 ฿ incl. recommend
Ben's House Ao Nang, Nopparattara Bay   650 ฿ incl.
Baan Dinlamun Resort Ao Nang, Nopparattara Beach   2021 ฿ incl. recommend
Srisuksant Resort Ao Nang, Nopparattara Beach   1068 ฿ incl. recommend
Tip Anda Bungalows Ao Nang, Nopparattara Beach   1155 ฿ recommend
Andamanee Boutique Resort Ao Nang, Nopparattara Beach   1983 ฿ incl. recommend
Aree Tara Resort Ao Nang, Nopparattara Beach   931 ฿ incl. recommend
Aonang Ayodhaya Beach Resort Ao Nang, Nopparattara Beach   2743 ฿ incl. recommend
Chaya Resort Ao Nang, Nopparattara Beach   902 ฿ incl. recommend
Krabi Success Beach Resort Ao Nang, Nopparattara Beach   2455 ฿ incl. recommend
Buri Tara Resort Ao Nang, Nopparattara Beach   805 ฿ incl. recommend
Alisea Boutique Hotel Ao Nang, Nopparattara Beach   650 ฿ incl. recommend
Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi Ao Nang, Pai Plong Beach   5582 ฿ incl. recommend
Tonsai Bay Resort Ao Nang, Tonsai Beach   686 ฿ incl. recommend
Dream Valley Resort Ao Nang, Tonsai Beach   650 ฿ incl. recommend
Villa Thalanena Ban Khao Thong   5197 ฿ incl. recommend
BB Pool Villa Ban Sai Thai   7941 ฿
Pantharee Resort Ban Sai Thai   722 ฿ recommend
Nantra De Deluxe Had Yao Beach   3248 ฿ incl. recommend
Wareerak Hot Spring Retreat by Vacation Village Khlong Thom, Krabi   1357 ฿ incl. recommend
Dusit Thani Krabi Beach Resort Klong Muang Beach   3478 ฿ incl. recommend
The Elements Krabi Resort Klong Muang Beach   2151 ฿ incl. recommend
Krabi Sands Resort Klong Muang Beach   1444 ฿ incl. recommend
The Pelican Residence & Suites Krabi Klong Muang Beach   1487 ฿ incl. recommend
Isle Beach Resort Klong Muang Beach   1805 ฿ incl.
White Sand Halal House Krabi Klong Muang Beach   570 ฿ incl.
Coco Nori @ Sea Hotel Klong Muang Beach   512 ฿ incl.
P.A.N Beach Bungalow (Panbeach) Klong Muang Beach   506 ฿ recommend
Klong Muang Inn Klong Muang Beach   361 ฿ incl. recommend
Koh Jum Ocean Beach Resort Koh Jum   881 ฿
Coral Bay Resort Koh Jum   1444 ฿ recommend
Koh Jum Resort Koh Jum   722 ฿ incl. recommend
Islanda Hideaway Resort Koh Klang   1429 ฿ incl. recommend
Krabi Boat Lagoon Resort Koh Klang   679 ฿ incl.
Amantra Lake View Resort Koh Lanta Yai   1949 ฿ incl.
Klongdao Sunset Villa Koh Lanta Yai, Klong Dao Beach   1227 ฿ incl.
SaKai Bungalows Koh Lanta Yai, Klong Khong Bay   289 ฿
Lanta Infinity Resort Koh Lanta Yai, Klong Nin Beach   1082 ฿
Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort Krabi Noi   433 ฿
Krabi SeaBass Hotel Krabi Town   1299 ฿ incl. recommend
Nap Krabi Hotel Krabi Town   1227 ฿ incl. recommend
Krabi Hipster Hotel Krabi Town   1082 ฿
Sita Krabi Hotel Krabi Town   939 ฿ incl. recommend
City Hotel Krabi Krabi Town   867 ฿ recommend
River Front Krabi Hotel Krabi Town   859 ฿ incl.
Hula Hula Anana Hotel Krabi Town   852 ฿ incl. recommend
Krabi Phetpailin Hotel Krabi Town   792 ฿ incl. recommend
The Fong Krabi Resort Krabi Town   722 ฿ recommend
Thai Hotel Krabi Krabi Town   642 ฿
Krabi Cozy Place Hotel Krabi Town   642 ฿ recommend
Maritime Park & Spa Resort Krabi Town   570 ฿ incl. recommend
Tairada Boutique Hotel Krabi Town   570 ฿
Krabi Cinta House Krabi Town   556 ฿ recommend
Run's Bed & Breakfast Krabi Town   469 ฿
The Greenery Hotel Krabi Town   469 ฿ recommend
Krabi City Seaview Hotel Krabi Town   433 ฿ incl. recommend
22 Seasons Hotel Krabi Town   432 ฿
Baan Andaman Krabi Krabi Town   426 ฿ incl. recommend
Rooms at Krabi Guesthouse Krabi Town   361 ฿
Nisarine Hostel @ Koh Klang Krabi Town   289 ฿
Alisea Pool Villas Nopparat Thara Beach   1617 ฿ incl. recommend
Maneetel Krabi Beachfront Noppharatthara Beach   2707 ฿ incl.
Palmari Boutique Hotel Nuae Klong   715 ฿ recommend
Gypsy Village 2 Phi Phi Island, Ton Sai Bay   650 ฿ incl.
SER-EN-DIP-I-TY Phra Ae Beach   433 ฿ incl.
Railay Phutawan Resort Railay Beach East   2599 ฿ incl. recommend
Diamond Cave Resort & Spa Railay Beach East   1371 ฿ incl.
Railay Great View Resort Railay Beach East   1299 ฿ incl. recommend
Railay View Point Resort Railay Beach East   1234 ฿ incl. recommend
Anyavee Railay Resort Railay Beach East   788 ฿ incl. recommend
Railay Garden View Resort Railay Beach East   613 ฿ incl. recommend
Rayavadee Resort Railay Beach West   13305 ฿ incl.
Railay Village Resort & Spa Railay Beach West   2715 ฿ incl. recommend
Railay Bay Resort & Spa Railay Beach West   2201 ฿ incl. recommend
Sand Sea Resort Railay Beach West   1396 ฿ incl. recommend
Railay Princess Resort & Spa Railay Beach West   1530 ฿ incl. recommend
Na Vela Village Saladan   867 ฿ incl. recommend
Tha Lane Bay Villa Tha Lane Bay   2660 ฿ incl. recommend
Krabi Home Resort Tubkaak Beach   4331 ฿ incl. recommend
The Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort Tubkaak Beach   4313 ฿ incl. recommend
Tup Kaek Sunset Beach Resort Tubkaak Beach   1697 ฿ incl. recommend
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